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The Brand

From the success of Penny-farthings in 1880 to the development of innovative electric concepts, the brand is proud of its roots and acts as a key player in researching ecological mobility solutions. Excellence and emotion are the watchwords for the new collections. Innovation is one of the brand's core values, as can be seen in the recently created concept bikes: combining technological performance and original design, they convey the inspiration of future brand models.


Excellence is one of the Peugeot brand's core values. From the very beginning up until recent days, the brand has always known how to make the most of over a century of experience to build its reputation, by virtue of continually improving standards in bicycle design:

from choosing materials combining effectiveness and safety, to designing innovative frames, or selecting better equipment, nothing is left to chance. Peugeot Cycles is proud of its roots and capitalises on 130 years of experience to offer new, innovative mobility solutions.


For over two centuries, Peugeot has been fuelling its ambition to continually renew itself by combining excellence and emotion in order to find innovative mobility solutions. Inspired by a passion for driving, the authenticity of its roots and its creative ambition,

the brand delivers more than just products, it delivers an experience. Combining technological prowess and passion, for over 200 years Peugeot has been sharing its history with you, incorporating excellence and emotion.


For its 200 year anniversary, Peugeot has equipped itself with a new line of style, which we can see both in their automotive range and bicycle range, created by Peugeot designers. This brand-specific alchemy, which smoothly combines exellence and emotion, is expressed in the style through products with athletic allure, smooth and sensual.

Once again, the brand therefore demonstrates its creative ambition by producing dynamic, elegant bicycles which stimulate the imagination and one's sense of adventure.